Why your recruitment ad isn’t blowing the lights out

Are you wondering why your job advert isn’t attracting the attention your practice deserves.

Here are a 5 common flaws in recruitment adverts and tips on how to solve them.

  1. Too much tell, not enough sell: You don’t need to share details of the daily grind. Instead, put the doctor at the centre of your advert by highlighting what’s in it for them. Get inspiration by asking your existing team what’s important.
  2. Too many words: Doctors are busy. Keep it short and simple.
  3. Too impersonal: Bring your advert to life by adding a picture of your team and short testimonial quotes from team members about why your practice is a wonderful place to work.
  4. Too prescriptive: Doctors tend to be smart and confident. Emphasise the amount of autonomy you offer.
  5. Too upbeat: Keep it real. Practising medicine is demanding work, and doctors know it. It’s important to highlight the positives but over-doing it can cost you credibility.


And here’s one thing to remember:

Take time to craft a thumb-stopping, mouse-clicking headline that shouts your best selling point from the proverbial rooftops. That could be the generous billings split, work-life balance or anything else that’s likely to grab your next recruit’s attention.

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